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Providing exceptional healthcare staffing professionals you can rely on
medical professionals

Our first priority is finding professionals with the skills and experience who suit your requirements and your unique clinical setting.

We are dedicated to providing high caliber healthcare professionals to our clients and to build trust and respect while being responsive and dependable.

From nurse staffing to medical assistant staffing, you can depend on our reliable services for:

  • Per-diem, short-term/long-term contracts, travel, full time, and permanent placement
  • Last-minute callouts
  • Jury duty
  • Vacation
  • FMLA
  • Seasonal needs (eg, flu clinics, wellness screenings, and more)
  • Disability coverage
  • Maternity leave
  • Local travel assignments

Care in a variety of service locations

  • Hospitals, including acute care and outpatient clinics
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Mental health facilities
  • Occupational health departments
  • Physician offices
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Schools
  • School programs
  • Senior living communities
  • Client homes
  • Adult daycares
  • Hospice and hospice houses

Quality care you can trust

Our healthcare providers meet or exceed strict requirements, including:

  • Current license, CPR certification, and verified references
  • Criminal background
  • Demonstrated competency through written exams and skills checklists
  • Statement of good health and verified TB testing (we also provide Hepatitis B and other immunizations as needed)
  • Facility-specific compliance requirements as requested

For your staffing needs, please call us at 772-324-6181. You can also send an email to