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We collaborate with our patients to promote better medication compliance.
doctor giving instruction in taking the medicines

Managing multiple medic ations can be overwhelming. With so many different medications to take at different times throughout the day – it easy to make mistake.

Medication mismanagement is one of the leading health care problems today and can lead to unnecessary falls, emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Taking the right medications at the right time, just as prescribe is the best way to keep you safe, healthy, and independent at home. Our Registered Nurses work closely with you to help you understand and manage your medications.

Referral Services may include:

  • Medication Reconciliation with Physician
  • Medication Education and Training
  • Medication Interaction Assessment
  • Completion of Medication List
  • Medication Pill Box Filling
  • Monitoring for Adverse Reactions
  • Medication Reminder Timer
  • Management of Medication Refills & Pick-Up

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